Chris and staff

I want to thank you for your kindness and the way you helped my fiance and myself. Our house was broken into and the copper tubing was taken in the attic from our heating unit and the tubing down the wall. The units were compromised beyond repair.

Chris gave us estimates on several different units and did a study on our home and on the type of windows in it, and also the hours the sun is on our home. The units that were in the house weren’t large enough to accommodate the house of 1800 sq. ft. It only had a two and half ton unit, and for the amount of square feet in the house it requires a 4-ton unit. I would recommend CR Heating and Air.

Chris is an honest and caring person and does an excellent job to accommodate your needs. I would give Chris and his staff an A+. In my opinion Chris is a good businessman and goes extra mile to help you.